Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"Serving Those Who Serve"
So, check it out... The center photo above is the military unit patch of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade, US Army. For 17 years, I wore it proudly on my uniform's right sleeve... a spot reserved for only a unit you served in combat with. That would be in 1968-69, in Viet Nam, where I was a platoon leader. Forty years ago, now... on another planet... in another world.
It was there, however, that the concepts of service and loyalty and mission achievement were born for me. I "did my 20" and having started out as a Private E-1 with a high school diploma, I left the Pentagon as a Major with a BS from the University of Tampa and a Master's Degree from Georgia Tech. Not bad for a small town boy of humble origins. And, like the recruiting poster said, I "Joined the Army and Saw the World!"
But now, I WAS A CIVILIAN AGAIN! When I was getting out, I thought I'd end up with one of the "Beltway Bandit" corporations. But I really wanted to break away and be a "real" civilian. My boss/mentor at the Pentagon was a very senior guy and had fixed me up with Hughes Aircraft - Great money and benefits, but that "civilian" thing kept calling me. I told him I thought I wanted to be a Real Estate Broker. My lament was that I didn't know if I could ever "sell" anything. "Hogwash," he said, (He really used another word of similar meaning, but this is a family blog)... "You've done a great job here at the Pentagon selling your ideas, haven't you?" Well, that did it. I got my Real Estate License in 1986 and haven't given much thought to Hughes Aircraft. As an aside here, the office I worked in at the Pentagon?.. Right where the plane went in during the terrorist attack on 9-11. I can only imagine...
So now I've got to say I've had a great run - and don't have any plans to stop. A year or so ago, I decided to re-energize my real estate business. An amazing trainer, Michael Russer, aka "Mr. Internet," ( see: http://www.michaelrusser.com/ or http://www.onlinedominance.com/) ) encouraged the pursuit of a "target market," - one that could be served with unbridled passion and enthusiasm. One that you knew something about - a subject matter expert.
It all came rushing in - "Serving Those Who Serve" - That was it! When you talk about Military, you also think about Firefighters and EMT Rescue folks. In the same breath, it's Law Enforcement officers of all types. The common bond? All of them "Walk in Harm's Way." That "Band of Brothers and Sisters" stuff you hear about? Believe me, it's real.
As time went by, it became obvious to me that there were two other types of "Community Heroes" to add to my service sphere: Teachers and Nurses! Maybe they didn't drive a tank or carry a gun or run into burning buildings, yet they faced challenges of an enormous nature... And they served us in an amazing way.
So there you have the beginnings of: www.RealEstateForHeroes.com. If you - or someone you know - is a Military Veteran... or Active or Retired Military, Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, Teacher or Nurse... This is for them. It's good ANYWHERE IN THE USA. All they have to do is Call Me First, before they engage in substantive dealings with another real estate professional. It's a program that provides some great benefits, networking, rebates, discounts, camaraderie, counselling, and professional competence.
There has not been a better time to BUY REAL ESTATE in the last 40 years! Prices are crazy low and mortgage rates are so attractive. I'm here at RE/MAX Oceanside if you need me! If you are one of these deserving community heroes, What Are You Waiting For? Be advised: When the market starts to recover, hang on to your hat. It will do so with a vengeance! Click Here:-) http://www.realestateforheroes.com/

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